3D NFT Marketplace for the Metaverse.

Meet Me in the Metaverse

The Metaverse is coming, and blockchain technology is revolutionizing and expediting its arrival into our present realities.

With NFTs becoming the iceberg to digital authentication and frictionless exchange of electronic goods, the possibilities are just surfacing to the people we will soon become.

A small but defined reflection of yourself is how your design the spaces you habit - namely, your physical home and your virutal spaces.

Myujen aims to be a simple and efficient marketplace for uploading and distributing exquisite and affordable 3D NFTs for use in decorating your virutal spaces in the blockchain universe.

Animal Crossing and Interior Design

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a cute slice-of-life game developed by Nintendo where you are a nameless resident tasked with flourishing an island to live with your own style and flair. While there is no “end-game” to Animal Crossing (besides paying down your 0% interest debt), collecting colorful and cute items to create the interior rooms of your dreams is but one of the many timesinks this game provides.

Animal Crossing Room One

Animal Crossing Room Two

Animal Crossing Room Three

While there are many programs that enable you to design interior spaces with a fraction of the effort required in Animal Crossing (trust us, it can be obnoxious to find duplicates of an item you need or moving it to just the right place in your home!), something about the journey of collecting your digital goods and being able to walk through, interact with, and host your fellow Animal Crossing friends is a unique and rewarding experience. Myujen aims to be the Nook’s Cranny of the Metaverse, where various travelers across many realities can stop and shop for affordable items to add to their personal virtual spaces.

Your Virtual NFT Self, Today

While Animal Crossing VR on Blockchain doesn’t exist quite yet, On Cyber is an excellent product in which users can connect their Web3 Wallets in order to retrieve and display their collected NFTs into a gallery (or super expensive limited edition space) and really showcase what they are about! It’s quite lovely, and the whole idea of Myujen came about not because of the artificial scarcity of NFTs, but the dorky 3D props not being sold that gave each space life.

On Cyber Galley One

On Cyber Galley Two

On Cyber Galley Three

On Cyber Galley Four


Screenshot 1

Myujen Preview 1


Milestone 1

Create the website and Polygon smart contracts for curating only 3D NFTs.Ideally this will look like Nookazon because we felt that this was the easiest way to organically find and filter the items you are looking to add to your virtual space! (OpenSea is great, but it’s hard to find new stuff not directly recommended to you by someone else).

Nookazon Screenshot

Milestone 2

After completeing the website and confirming 3D objects can be:

  • uploaded onto the blockchain
  • minted as duplicable NFTs,
  • filtereable and searchable

One of the 3D artists on the Atemosta team is going to start designing their own brand of 3D objects and release it as a collection for purchase to test the UX on both the artist and buyer side.

Milestone 3

Once we confirm that UX is easy for someone not super technical to engage with our platform, we will start reaching out to promising 3d artists both already in web3, but especially on existing platforms like SketchFab, the Unity Asset Store, and the Unreal Engine Marketplace as these platforms already have creators and item collections that already exist and are waiting to be onboarded onto the blockchain!

Stretch Goals 1

To create a more personalized and immersive experience, we will enable the ability for 3D artists to custom their personal page and make an unique store front!

Stretch Goals 2

In addition to the custom storefront on the website, we are also experimenting with 3D spaces in order to better engage with the 3D Objects being displayed and sold! Like a Nook’s Cranny but in VR and with Web3D Objects for sale! Here’s a dorky demo as an example space an artist can create in our Happy Path Vision :)

Super Stretch Goals 1

Super stretch goals include collaborating with promising VR Blockchain Worlds with a dependable team on a realistic roadmap or just outright creating our own virtual spaces for sale as NFTs :)

Follow Our Progress!

If you’d like to follow along with Myujen’s progress, please follow our Twitter page or sign up for our monthly newsletter! You many even get special surprises and perks just for following along and giving feedback :)

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