Be remembered forever in the metaverse.

What is Immria?

As explorers of the metaverse, Atemosta is always searching the next great and meaningful intersection of blockchain, fantasy, and virtual reality. In our digital traversals, we stumbled upon an experience called the Monument of Life

Monument of Life Virtual Reality Display

and realized there is potential in engraving and displaying permanent names in the metaverse.

Thus, we created Immria.

Immria Preview 1

Immria is an NFT Collection by Atemosta to celebrate early supporters of our projects and stories using virtual reality and blockchain technologies.

An Immria NFT enables token owners to engrave their name into its metaverse world via the Immria Engraving dApp, coming soon…

Early NFT Owners will also be eligible for exclusive discord roles, future token airdrops, future NFT allowlists, and many other utilities in our emerging metaverse.

The first NFT collection of Immria, the Monument of Life, can now be accessed via the demo site, and a preview of the world can be viewed below.


If you are interested in having a name engraved into our Monument of Life metaverse, please fill out the following Google Form.

Google Form

You will then be able to engrave your initial name and learn more about the upcoming free NFT drop for the first 100 registered users! Coming June 2022


If you’d like to follow along with Immria’s progress, please follow our Twitter page or sign up for our monthly newsletter! You many even get special surprises and perks just for following along and giving feedback :)


  • Milestone 1: ✅ Create the Immria MVP in VR (COMPLETE)
  • Milestone 2: ✅ Create the Immria MVP on Desktop and Mobile (COMPLETE)
  • Milestone 3: ❌ Create the Immria Engraving dApp and enable NFT integrations via the Polygon Blockchain Network (June 2022)
  • Milestone 4: ❌ Integrate Atemosta Naming Service NFTs and Atemosta Profile Picture NFTs with Immria (Q3 2022)
  • Milestone 5: ❌ Add Multiplayer for Immria Metaverse Worlds (Q4 2022)

We hope to see you again soon, in one reality or another.

Goodbye for Now!

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