Generation Omega

Dungeons and Dragons meets Blockchain Gaming.

Welcome to the Wasteland

Omega Generation is upcoming experimental blockchain game created in collabaration between Atemosta and Scrimmage.

In this game, 10,000 humanoids will be spawned onto the Polygon blockchain as OG Cards using NFT technology.

Each OG Card will have unique stats per Dungeons and Dragons mechanics, and once minted will be tasked with surviving the post-apocalypic sci-fi world they have been spawned into.

A survival scenario will be divided into 20 stages where an OG Owner will have the ability to make a decision based on what statistic and/or supplementary skill will lead to the highest probability of success in that stage. Through skill, sharp-wits, and sheer luck, an OG will be able to survive all stages in a scenario.

Success in a scenario will will lead to a cash prize distribution at the end of a season, the ability to name your OG based on what they did to survive the scenario, and limited edition NFTs to commerate your survival and unlock buffs for future scenarios.


On a pre-annouced date, players can mint OG Cards to obtain the ability to participate in a scenario.

A scenario will last 4 weeks, and in those four weeks an OG must succeed in all 20 stages in order to be eligible for the Success Rewards.

Tokenomics Pie Chart Distribution

80% of the funds generated by minting each OG Card will be set as the prize pool for OGs that survive a scenario.

10% of the funds will be used to pay the development team.

5% of the funds will be put into a community treasurey where DAO token holders can pick the direction of the next scenario and vote on which upcoming artists, writers, and developers to hire and collaborate on future scenarios.


A demo of Omega Generation can be found on the Rinkeyby testnet for playtesting and feedback. Testnet ETH can be aquired here.

Minting Page

Minting Page Screenshot

Select OG Page

Selecting OG Screenshot


Coming soon, but scheduled to be released in Q2 2022.

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