The Littlewood Town Guild


Littlewood Town

The first step into online guilds intersecting the physical world.

Despite being more populous and interconnected than ever, there has never been a more dystopic sense of community in the present day world. The desire to meet and befriend strangers is seen as something close to heretical, which creates an increasingly sense of isolation for those who want to grow beyond their current social circles. We at Atemosta want to do our part to break this silly status quo, and what better way to party up with strangers than with a quest?

Finding New Party Members

Littlewood Town is our first social experiment in cultivating the feelings of courage, comradity, and communcation, our favorite staples created by a task as simple as taking on a guild request. How do you propose to make guilds “real”, you may ask? The first thing is to make a vibrant online community based on these principles.

Current Online Communities

Current Offline Communities

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